The Firm

Founded in 1998, with headquarters in Brasilia, Menezes Pereira Associate Lawyers is the fruition of a union between experienced professionals in different areas of Law.
Over time, it has acquired the respect of its clients, above all for their ethical, fi rm and determined stance, in diverse legal instances around the country, particularly when working with the Superior Courts in Brasilia.
The Firm has a wide array of company clients, of assorted commercial activities. Banks, insurance companies, private pensions, construction and incorporation businesses, information technology, agroindustry, public registrars, and retail industry are amongst their clientele manifest. Whilst holding a long list of patrons, the Offi ce prides itself of the personal attention granted to each and every client.
 MISSION STATEMENT: to contribute to the realization of justice, through the defense of its constituents and of the collectivity, as well as for the strengthening and empowerment of institutions that present the same objectives.
VISION: to become a national reference in the judicial sphere, allying the growth of its clientele with the personal attention and individuality provided in service to each and every client.
VALUES: ethics, transparency, profi ciency and commitment.