Area of Practive


  • Specialized function before the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency - ANVISA, including counseling clients, petition, requirements and compliance with all administrative and judicial measures relevant to the topic.
  • Monitoring of administrative processes, and defence in such actions, before regulatory agencies such as ANATEL, ANEEL, ANP, and Central Bank (Appeals and Resources Council of the Financial System (CRSFN), amongst others.


  • Legal Advice on consumer rights, including pre-emptive actions in confl icts involving suppliers and consumers.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and other documents in order to adjust them to the Code of Consumer Protection (CDC).
  • Taking part of administrative proceedings before the PROCONs and the DPDC/MJ.
  • Filing and response to lawsuits relating to consumer rights.


Expertise in negotiating the purchase and sale of mining rights, with drafting contracts,opinions and consultations related to acquisition of mineral rights, relationships with superficiaries, suppliers and specialized companies.
  •    Consulting on the creation of mining companies, settlement and development ofcorporate actions.
  •    Identification and assessment of risks in mining titles.
  •    Consulting in Environmental Law, with development of advice and risk assessment for the mining title.
  •    Negotiation with superficiaries to acquire or enter the land and establishment of mineral servitude.
  •    Consulting on the new regulatory framework of mining in Brazil.
  •    Due diligence in environmental, mineral and tax.


  • Drafting Corporate Bylaws, social contracts, shareholder agreements and related documents.
  • Counsel on various corporate matters, involving disputes between members.
  • Guidance and advice to domestic and international clients in acquisitions, splits, and mergers.
  • Consulting on developing, review and negotiation of national and international contracts, including financing, loans, technology transfer, technical assistance, franchises, partnerships, service agreements, assignment and protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights.
  • Counsel in assembling non–governmental organizations and legal assistance regarding its operation.


  • Defence and administrative appeals on tax matters in the municipal, state (including the Federal District) and federal levels.
  • Filing and following-up on all instances of lawsuits and legal action before the Federal and State Courts, discussing tax requirements.
  • Support for the taxpayer in cases of foreclosure.


  • Acts in cases of labor complaints and collective agreements on labor terms.
  • Preventive orientation in the area of human resources.
  • Consulting on labor legislation.
  • Analysis and elaboration of individual and collective labor contracts.
  • Acts in the fi rst labor instance of the Federal District, in the Regional Labor Court of the 10th Region and in the Superior Labor Court, with participation in trials, including the elaboration and distribution of memorandums and oral endorsements.


  • Counsel on tenders and bids, including the analysis of documents to ensure compliance with the edict.
  • Challenges made to the edicts, adjuration and response to administrative appeals, follow-up of legal measures regarding the topic.
Court of Audit Procedures
  • Participation in cases in progress, including the preparation and distribution of memorandum briefs, in addition to oral claims as well as sanctioned appeals.


Legislative Branch
  • Monitoring Bills pending before the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Overseeing and defence in Parliamentary Inquiries.
Executive Branch
  • Monitoring of projects of interest to clients in offices and institutions of the Federal Executive Branch.
International Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
  • Monitoring of topics of interest to entities and segments of society together with international organizations and diplomatic missions of foreign countries based in Brasilia.


Due to its geographic location, along with the vast experience of the professionals within it, the Office has the natural aptitude to defend the interests of its constituents before the Superior Courts. Activities range from the proposal of court cases and lodgment of appeals, to its monitoring, as well as the production and distribution of memorandums to the Ministers and the fulfillment of oral sustentation in trial sessions.
Supreme Federal Court
  • Filing and tracking of direct legal action and constitutional guarantees such as writ of mandamus, writ of injunction, habeas corpus and habeas data.
  • Lodging and monitoring of regular and extraordinary appeals.
  • Filing and monitoring of lawsuits originated within, including precautionary measures.
  • Expertise in cases involving Criminal Law and extradition.
Superior Court of Justice
  • Filing and tracking of lawsuits originated within; constitutional guarantees such writ of mandamus, writ of injunction, habeas corpus and habeas data.
  • Lodging and monitoring of regular and special appeals.
  • Filing and monitoring of lawsuits originated within, including precautionary measures.
  • Assistance in the approval and execution of foreign sentencing, including decisions by arbitration and acquiring the authorization and compliance with Rogatory Letters.
Electoral Superior Court
  • Lodging and monitoring of habeas corpus and writ of  mandamus.
  • Lodging and monitoring of electoral appeals, as well as incidental measures.
Superior Labor Court
  • Lodging and monitoring of regular and revisional appeals, and appeals against decisions of the Court itself.
  • Filing and monitoring of lawsuits originated within, including precautionary measures.


  • Counsel and assistance in obtaining and renewing visas for foreigners.
  • Consulting in immigration matters.
  • Counsel and assistance to companies in the process of installation in the Country.